Minecraft at amloessb.com

All Minecraft servers hosted at amloessb.com use whitelists.  Please contact an administrator to be admitted.

Minecraft on Elena:

Version: Voltz 1.0.12 (MC 1.4.7)
Admins: amloessb, readmaster1
Address: services.amloessb.com Currently offline
IRC Channel: #mc-elena @ irc.gamesurge.net

Minecraft on Veld:

Version: Tekkit 1.2.9e (MC 1.6.4)
Admins: amloessb, readmaster1
Address: veld.amloessb.com Currently offline
Dynmap: veld.amloessb.com:8123

Version: TPPI2 0.2.6 (MC 1.7.10)
Excluded Mods: Forestry and its dependents
Admins: amloessb
Rules: Click here
Address: veld.amloessb.com:25666 Currently offline
Dynmap: veld.amloessb.com:8910

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